Indeed it was fun! We took a class on stalking wild animals and we learned to walk right up and sit with a deer, that is of course if its done just right! Mark Warren is extremely knowledgeable about plants and wildlife and has many unique experiences to draw from in order to share with children a love for wild things and a way to be connected with them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My 9 year old had to work through some of his distraction issues at times but near the end Mr. Warren broke out an amazing game he designed to practice silent stalking. My 9 year old and 12 year old enjoyed that tremendously. And my 12 year old enjoyed the experience in its entirety.


It was really special. The movement required to be inconspicuous in the forest is slow and thoughtful. I love how the understanding of what we learned settled in with my 9 year old in the days that come. Children are such little sponges. Asher is a hyper child and he had never encountered someone explaining the need to slow down in such a way for such a purpose. It was so new to him that it was a lesson that lent itself to a slow settling in to his world view. My sons will be impacted for years. Since enjoying the class the knowledge obtained has come up frequently in our daily lives regarding nature which is splendid! I’m convinced we will get pretty close to petting a butterfly soon!!

Just how do you walk through leaves with minimal sound!?



Mr. Warren is an author and we are looking forward to adding several of his books to our library.

My son River really enjoyed conversing with Mark about survival skills. He teaches classes on Archery, Indian Sign Language, and much more.

Classes at Medicine Bow

A lovely Georgia Mountain find!

Medicine Bow