Another great event with the 34th Georgia Battalion! We made it to Resaca. It was the hottest Civil War Reenactment we’ve been to thus far and we had to set up our tent in a rainstorm but we still enjoyed ourselves. The boys got to see friends they had already made again and found a few new ones. The dear folks with the 34th Georgia Battalion welcomed and outfitted River again, even though we were dragging butt a little, getting worn out from our new found hobby!


River After Battle34th Georgia preparing for Battle

This event was a bit muddy but it just added to the nuances that come along with joining a historical reenactment. Reality sort of sets in and you realize that there was no choice but to walk in the mud in 1860. Oh the entertaining short story my son tells now…of his decision to die in the shade on this particular battle reenactment, rather than continue on under a hot sun! Blessed as he is at the ability to choose!

I found a good pair of shoes finally. They are bit more square toed then another pair I found at Goodwill so I’m happy about that. I also bought a fairly inexpensive skirt and shawl that sort of fits a little better. I hope to get something more accurate in the future but for now I’m trying to get my whole family outfitted to a degree quickly and then add more quality items later once we at least fit in.

Me W Daisy

There were some interesting vendors at this even! Ole Doc Bell’s had Birch Beer, Lemonade and Root Beer! He had a little insight into the natural drink market. His recipe included bark extract. The roots are not available due to FDA restrictions. His Birch Beer was awesome. It had a strong earthy flavor. It was more interesting than pleasant which is what I prefer and it was a informative to talk to the gentleman.

Root Beer

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Next door to him was a very active vigilante of truth! Mr. Gregory Goodwin Newson. He has written an amazing book, it is a fictional story with a civil war setting. He really made me think. I don’t believe I’ve read any fictional stories from that time period. What he is doing to set the record straight is original and ambitious. And, he is very passionate about it. It’s quite sad to me that people are so dismissive when it comes to the civil war era. The people of that time were no different from those of this time. Diverse in their opinions and knowledge, their character and personalities were as rich and various as those from any other place and time. And, as American ancestors to just be erased and forgotten is senseless and arrogant. This man stands with confidence in opposition to dishonesty when it comes to history. His signs blew me away and I found his website:

I plan to order his book and will post about it at a later date once I read.

Newson Publishing2

Newsons Book

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River was as handsome as ever in uniform and Asher and Amos as adorable as ever. It was a joy to see everyone again. We will be taking a much needed break now from the reenactments until September. That one will be the Tunnel Hill Battle at 215 Clisby Rd, Tunnel Hill Georgia. September 7-9.


Amos And Asher2

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