Lovely visit with Mom. I’m a native plant enthusiast. However, my mom is very pleased with her Amaryllis flowers. The are pretty. It seems they are a cultivar and a plant which originated in South Africa. I found a website that details its history a bit.


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I soon discovered that I could sneak to the ditch and surprise a ton of huge frogs!


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And then it happened! Oh the horror!!

snake 4

Yes that is a Plain Bellied Water Snake eating that poor frog!

My son wanted to see this tragedy so I walked out there with him and I thought the snake would still be sitting there digesting but no!! A smaller frog jumped away from us and that snake, with this first victim already halfway down his body, grabbed and began eating that frog too!! Oh it was awful. So, River and I decided we were going to kill this awful snake that was eating all of the frogs. We got a hoe and a rake and off we went. But so did the snake. Already off he was. He took off through the drain pipe. Man that snake can eat a lot of frogs.

Then I realized that worse than the snake, my step-dad was spraying a weed killer similar to round-up on the ditch banks!!! Those poor helpless frogs!!

I told him he would make the frogs gay! (humoring myself at my Alex Jones style) He didn’t believe me. LOL So, I referred him to this article:

Weed Killer Effect on Frogs

And  I wrote down the recipe for the alternative to the weed killer! I’m pretty excited about this recipe!

Here is the recipe, there is one to use for places you want to replant and where you want things to stay dead!

Weed Killer Alternative that is SAFER

Hopefully that will happen and the frogs will be able to outnumber the snakes in this particular ditch. The only way to overcome the horrible sight of that frog ingesting snake is to have a puppy dog like Dandy with you. One look at her sitting like this for a picture and I recovered!